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Glendale Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Defending Yourself from Foreclosure

Even the most careful individuals cannot foresee every possible financial hardship on the horizon. Sometimes a number of factors contribute to destabilize an individual or family's financial security. In most situations, mortgage payments represent an individual or family's biggest monthly expense. While you can try to reassess your finances in order to continue making mortgage payments, this may not necessarily be your best option. If you can no longer afford to make your mortgage payments or your mortgage lender is threatening to foreclose on your home, it is very important that you speak to a Glendale bankruptcy attorney to discuss how you can defend yourself from foreclosure.

In a situation in which foreclosure seems certain, there are a number of actions you can take to protect yourself and your credit. A mortgage lender usually gives an individual an advanced warning before foreclosing on his or her home or property. After receiving this warning, individuals usually have a brief period of time to take the actions necessary to avoid foreclosure. One way to defend yourself against foreclosure is through the short sale of your home. If you do not have the time or resources available for a short sale, you should consider a deed in lieu of foreclosure to eliminate your mortgage debt by handing over the deed to your home or property. Though it may significantly damage your credit, another way to protect your home and defend yourself against foreclosure is to declare bankruptcy. A bankruptcy may eliminate your credit card and other debt, freeing up the funds necessary to continue mortgage payments.

Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Serving Montrose and La Crescenta

At the Law Offices of Khachik Akhkashian, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill to defend you from the damaging effects of foreclosure. We will work closely with you to protect your home or your credit through taking the necessary actions to avoid foreclosure. Do not entrust your home and you future to lesser legal counsel. Our attorneys will assist you in negotiating the restructuring of your mortgage or facilitate the terms of eliminating your mortgage related debt. Call our firm today to take your first step towards protecting yourself and your family from the damaging effects of foreclosure.

Contact a Glendale foreclosure defense attorney if you would like to defend yourself against the threat of foreclosure.

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