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Citizenship or Naturalization

Obtaining citizenship is often the goal of many individuals who choose to immigrate to the United States. Citizenship offers an individual many advantages and rights not extended to individuals who live in the country under a visa. In the last couple of years the citizenship process has become much more difficult and complicated due to the heightened importance placed on national security. If you would like to become a citizen of the United States, it is a very good idea to speak with a Glendale immigration attorney to learn about the correct procedures and guidelines one must follow to obtain citizenship.

About the Citizenship or Naturalization Process

In order to obtain U.S. citizenship, an individual must meet a certain criteria. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, citizenship is extended to certain applicants if he or she was born in the U.S., born to a U.S. citizen, receives a certificate of citizenship, or by having a naturalization petition approved. With a naturalization petition, an applicant must prove that he or she is of good moral character. During the petition process, authorities will review an applicant's past looking for certain criminal convictions, past nonsupport of dependents, or any instances of subordination such as failing to register with Selective Services or other authorities.

Citizenship Lawyer Serving the Areas of Montrose and La Crescenta

Due to the complexity of the laws associated with the citizenship and naturalization processes, it is absolutely essential to secure a skilled and knowledgeable immigration attorney to assist you in obtaining citizenship. At the Law Offices of Khachik Akhkashian, our attorneys have a firm grasp of immigration law. We know what it takes to successfully petition for citizenship. This process can be exceedingly complicated, not to mention the length of time it takes for some applicants to receive approval. Our firm is dedicated to helping individuals through the citizenship process so that they can get the most out of living in this country.

Contact a Glendale citizenship attorney if you would like to become a citizen of the United States of America.

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