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Glendale Deportation and Removal Attorney

Deportation Defense in Glendale

Deportation, or removal, is the process of removing an individual from the United States and sending them back to their home country. The federal government has dedicated entire task forces to finding individuals they believe have violated immigration law. Deportation proceedings will take place in immigration court and will require the legal representation of a Glendale immigration attorney from our law firm, The Law Offices of Khachik Akhkashian. There are many reasons why an individual may be deported including:

  • Failed to register as an immigrant
  • Expired visa
  • Failed to abide by their immigration regulations

These are just some of the reasons why the government may attempt to deport you or a family member and our law firm is ready to defend your right to stay aggressively in court.

Deportation Defense Lawyer serving Montrose and La Crescenta

When an individual is notified of a possible deportation they will be served with an NTA, or notice to appear, which will notify the individual of the first hearing and why the individual is being tried for deportation. This hearing is very important and you will be required to attend. It is very important that you retain our law firm for not only the first hearing, but for the entire legal process. In court, a judge will decide if you should be deported or if you have the right to stay and apply for the proper visas.

Aliens, or illegal immigrants, do have rights during the deportation process and our law firm can fight aggressively for those rights and your right to stay within our borders. Our law firm has been helping clients for the last ten years and we are proud to say that we have successfully helped many individuals win their deportation cases and stay in the United States.

It is very important that you pick the right law firm during this stressful time. We are that firm. Our legal team understands the importance of your situation and we will work hard to meet all of your needs.

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