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Employment Based Green Cards

United States employers, or foreign nationals, can petition to obtain the right to work and live within our borders. Employers often sponsor foreigners because they find a skilled individual overseas and wish to add them to their workforce. Regardless of reason, a Glendale immigration attorney can help you file for an employment based green card in California. There are many rules and regulations that must be reviewed and followed if someone is to be allowed in our country. Our law firm can help you determine your eligibility for an employment based green card.

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There are a multitude of employment based green cards that can be applied for in the United States. The following green cards can be sponsored in California:

  • H1-B-Speciality Occupations
  • E-1 and E-2-Treaty traders and Investors
  • L-1-Intracompnay transfers
  • R-1-Religious workers
  • P-1-Athletic or entertainer transfers
  • F-1 and M-1-Students

These are just some of the green cards that may be available to you. Our law firm can help you or your possible employer determine which green card you should apply for. We understand that this green card is very important to you and we are willing to dedicate our vast resources to your cause. Our law firm can help speed up the green card process by working tirelessly for your case. Individuals who pursue an employment based green card alone can encounter numerous legal problems and may delay their eligibility for years.

The employer and the employee will need to coordinate their efforts in this sophisticated process. That is where our law firm can help. We possess a deep understanding of immigration law and have been helping people successfully immigrate for work since 2001. Our legal team is prepared to take legal action on your behalf and pursue the employment based green card you desire.

Contact a Glendale immigration lawyer if you or your employer wishes to file for an employment based green card.

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